6 Steps needed to create and use an online survey

To create a online survey you need to:

  1. Create the questions
  2. Code the questions to appear in web
  3. Send invites to get people to answer the questions
  4. Collect the answers
  5. Transform the answers to Excel, csv or other data format
  6. Codify same answers into codes.


Create the questions

Questions are usually placed in a scale.

A scale should have a uneven number of options in order to allow someone to be neutral.

Satisfaction scale can have more options than the traditional 5.

If some questions are not placed it will be impossible to know about it later

Adding too much questions may make that people give up before finishing

The order of the questions may affect the answeres received.


Code the questions to appear in the online survey

 data photo

Depending on the tool that you use the work to place the questions in web will vary.

Send invites to get people to answer the questions

Usually to get answers you should have to state it in different places, from webpages, to facebook or even distribute a paper version of the survey.

If you have a list of emails you can send a newsletter inviting people to fill your survey.


Collect the answers

In an online survey to collect the answers is the easiest part.

Some sites charge a monthly fee to have your survey online.

Other sites limit the number of questions or the number of answers.


Transform the answers to Excel, csv or other data format

On free platforms this step sometimes is tricky.

Some “free” online survey tools don´t allow to export all the data.

Some sites just allow to see the summary of the data.

And other display the answers one by one and the data has to be copied and pasted.

The collected answer sometime is also displayed with the text it was show instead of the code needed to treat the data.


Codify same answers into codes.

code  photo

When you have collected data as text instead of numbers you have to translate the received data to numbers.

On open questions you have to get a coding of the answers if you want to treat them in a systematic way.


Help on creating the online survey

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