We solve your questions, exercises and previous exams.

We can write a detailed explanation of the statistical concepts used.

We would help on paper analysis, master and PhD. thesis data analysis and any data analysis.

I will solve one statistic related question for 5 usd.

An exam will be 25 usd.

Send your files to email pjssms@gmx.net

Statistics affects the life of many people specially students.

Statistics exist even in areas with less mathematics.

Statistics is a very powerful tool and is used in areas like medicine, sociology, psychology, management, engineering, agriculture and many others.

A statistics tutor can lead you in a faster and safer way.

What to look in a statistics tutor ?

A statistics tutor should have:

  • A good knowledge of the statistic techniques that you are using.
  • Experience with explaining this to other persons with a similar background
  • A good empathy to detect knowledge gaps and the better approach to discuss an issue
  • Capability to explain the most basic things with different approaches
  • If possible some knowledge about the study area


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What are the advantages of having a statistics tutor ?

With a statistics tutor you will be able to:

  • Learn statistic at a faster pace than in classes. Is normal to reduce the time of study in half.
  • Get a deeper understand of the statistic concepts and how they are related.
  • Admit lack of basic mathematical knowledge
  • Have help on paper analysis
  • Get ideas on what to look in the data or about similar cases

A statistics tutor should know more of statistics or of the subject i am studying ?

For basic subjects the statistics tutor just needs to know some statistics.

For more advanced studies and on exploratory data analysis, a statistics tutor that knows the study subject will get faster results with a better insight.

I work in an organization and i just want help on data analysis

You just have to have the data and an idea of the results that you want to get. We will produce a full report with the results of data analysis.

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I am starting a new research, what help can a statistics tutor give me ?

A statistics tutor will know how to build a questionnaire right and how to build the question in a way that help the analysis after collecting the answers:

  • you use likert scales on most questions
  • you use the value itself instead of big ranges
  • you avoid open questions that are more difficult to deal with
  • each question is related to one issue
  • check that your research questions are being covered by what you are asking
  • checking if you can cover more research questions based on the questions you are making


I have the questionnaire, how to distribute and collect the data ?

A statistics tutor can help you on:

  • setting an online questionnaire
  • telling other ways to do it like google forms.

Do i need a statistics tutor or someone to do the work for me ?

If you have collected the data on paper or if therre are too many questions that are solved in the same way again and again you may need extra help.

We are able to get that work done for you.

Contact us and if possible to have the answers in PDF format it would help on doing the data analysis of it.

Usually for many academic work you will have to understand what is being done and as so just do the work won´t be enough in order for you to defend what it was done.

Even if your work for an organisation you have to grasp some concepts about the statistics being presented.

A statistics tutor may also give you new perspectives over your data that you have not thought about it before or from its experience it can know some things to look on the data.

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